Sir Ed Davey speaks exclusively to Radio News Hub about Europe

Sir Ed Davey speaks exclusively to Radio News Hub about Europe

The Liberal Democrat leader has spoken to Radio News Hub whilst on the campaign trail in Harrogate.

He was asked by David Prever if the Lib Dems would return the UK to the Single Market.

Sir Ed said he was happy to talk about Europe as he thinks it’s an important issue – but he accepts it’s not the biggest issue on people’s minds.

He said: People are talking about health and care, and the cost of living, and sewage, and that’s why we’re reflecting their concerns.

“But it is an issue for many people, and I’m very clear that the Liberal Democrats are very pro-European.”

When pressed on whether this includes returning to the Single Market, Sir Ed said the challenge was that this would take time to achieve.

He said “The Conservatives have so poisoned our relationship with our nearest neighbours in France, in Germany, in Italy and across Europe, and I think that’s really sad.

“Trust between the UK and other countries has been really damaged.”

In the same interview he spoke about the Horizon scandal and his role as Post Office Minister under the coalition government.

He said he was the first minister to speak to the now Sir Alan Bates at the time, but he was reassured that the acounting software was working correctly and he wishes he’s not believed that now.

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