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Pictures show progress of £110 million Spalding Western Relief Road

A major relief road project in a Lincolnshire town is well underway after more than a decade of planning. The Spalding Western Relief Road is set to cost more than £110 million and will provide a new route around the west side of the town.

Planning for the project began in 2011 and construction of the northern section started in January 2022. Nearly two years into construction, progress is being made and a bridge has now been put in place.

The relief road project has a number of aims, including to improve traffic, support sustainable housing in the area, improve air quality, and encourage walking and cycling by reducing town centre traffic. In March 2023, Lincolnshire County Council revealed that the finish date will be delayed by up to seven years.

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This delay came as a result of £27.8 million in funding for the southern section being pulled to help offset increased costs for other major road projects. The decision means that work on this section is likely to start after 2030.

Additionally, the northern section, which was supposed to be finished in August this year, has now been delayed until summer 2024. No funding has been identified for the southern or middle sections of the relief road. However, contributions from developers are expected to be the primary source of funding for both.

See below for pictures of the Spalding Western Relief Road northern section progress.

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