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New Soggy Dogz centre offers swim classes for dogs and owners alike

A new hydrotherapy centre will be offering swim classes for dogs and owners alike, providing therapeutic benefits on top of enjoyment. Plans have been approved for Soggy Dogz, in Paving Way in North Hykeham, and it is expected to open within the next two months.

Soggy Dogz plans to offer a variety of swimming options, including chargeable individual or group sessions. These swim classes are designed not only for dogs to enjoy a good splash but also for owners to engage in a bonding experience with their pets.

Lou Congreve, a member of the ownership team at Soggy Dogz, said: “We really hope that Soggy Dogz will be an exciting opportunity for dog owners to enjoy something a little bit different with their furry friends as well as providing job opportunities for those who share our passion for all things canine.

“Here’s to lots of soggy, waggy tails.” Beyond the pool, Soggy Dogz will house a shop selling dog treats and pet-related products and the team has considered expanding services to include dog grooming.

A mock up of Soggy Dogz hydrotherapy centre.
Soggy Dogz hydrotherapy centre.

The centre will be run by 19-year-old Abi Raffles, who recently completed an animal management, behaviour and science course at a local college and is in the process of earning a level three small animal hydrotherapy course. She said she will lean on the experience she has with her own 12-year-old dog Buddy, who has arthritis, which made her “totally aware” of the benefits that something like hydrotherapy can bring to animals.

Soggy Dogz will create three full-time jobs among other potential employment opportunities in the future. Dog hydrotherapy can help pets with injury rehabilitation, manage arthritis or other orthopaedic conditions, and build up muscle and cardiovascular fitness.

According to the Canine Hydrotherapy Association, there are just five other businesses or veterinarians offering this service for dogs in Greater Lincolnshire. They are in Lincoln, Welbourn, Spalding, Spilsby and Grimsby.

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