Mother-daughter team expand their bakery business with a coffee lounge in Navenby

A mother-daughter duo have expanded their successful bakery-with-a-twist with a coffee lounge in Navenby. China Tebb, 27, and Diane Tebb, 56, launched Robin Rose Bakes in 2021 and have been selling their tasty treats online, to wholesalers and at various markets and events.

All of the products they make are gluten and dairy-free, and, with a large egg-free range too, it means many of their creations are vegan. China, who can’t eat gluten due to Coeliac disease, said: “We found that there is a big gap in the market for really good quality gluten-free homemade cakes.

“We just wanted to start making free-from bakes that tasted as good as what we would make at home. The dairy-free idea came as my mum, who is my business partner, is dairy intolerant.”

She continued: “We started it from home, we converted part of our house into a full commercial bakery as that is still where we are baking from for the time being. It is classed as a home-based bakery and we did it all out of there for nearly three years and we have only just moved to where we are now in Navenby, which is our first brick-and-mortar location.”

The pair will continue to bake from their home in Thorpe-on-the-Hill until they can move into a production unit, which they hope will allow them to increase their supply and sell to more wholesalers. China and Diane opened the coffee lounge on Saturday, May 18, and they completely sold out of sandwiches and almost all bakery items.

The coffee lounge officially opened on Saturday, May 18
The coffee lounge officially opened on Saturday, May 18

China added: “We thought we had a big enough batch for the whole weekend but we sold out of the majority of our bakes by the end of Saturday. My mum was up at 3am on the Sunday and was baking until we opened the shop.”

As well as supplying their store, the pair bake items for other local businesses to ensure they can also have a good range of free-from items. China said: “We sell online and wholesale to other coffee shops and farm shops too, so they have a good selection of gluten-free stuff too.

“I think people with dietary requirements and allergies are quite used to putting up with substandard food because it’s the only option, so we wanted to create a brand that creates great food that just happens to be dairy and gluten-free.” It is really important to them that their products taste great and can be something anyone can enjoy.

The business also sells second-hand books and has other free from items
The business also sells second-hand books and has other free from items

China added: “Everyone knows someone who has some sort of allergy or intolerance, it’s so common that it just makes sense to have a product that suits people.” In addition to the food and drinks being sold, the business also sells second-hand books at the site and has a pantry section where customers can buy other free-from items without going to a supermarket.

The pair have described the local community as being “really welcoming” and said they “have had great feedback.” Due to the new location, Diane and China have hired some staff to help them run the shop.

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