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Lincolnshire wildlife park’s playmate plea for Stormzy the orphaned lonely lamb

The owners of a Lincolnshire wildlife park have called for help after they took in a rare breed lamb that was abandoned at birth. Stormzy the lamb was born unexpectedly during Storm Isha at ARK Wildlife & Dinosaur Park in Stickney.

Park owners, Jamie and Michelle Mintram, have been raising Stormzy into a healthy sheep from their own home before they ultimately introduce him to the rest of the flock. The husband and wife recently took in Stormzy’s mother Tulip, a rare breed Soay sheep, after the field she was being kept in nearby was flooded.

They didn’t realise that Tulip was pregnant and one morning they came across a baby lamb in their field, which they eventually named after the English rapper. Stormzy is now a couple of weeks old and is living in the Mintrams’ home until he’s strong enough to join the others.

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However, the little lamb is now in need of a friend and playmate to keep him company. Jamie said: “As he gets larger and can start taking some solid food, he’ll need to move out of the home and into a larger outdoor enclosure with an indoor area for shelter.

Stormzy has become a social media star
Stormzy has become a social media star

“With sheep being highly social animals he could do with a friend to give him the constant company that he regularly receives from his surrogate human family. Eventually he’ll join his real mum Tulip and the Ark’s small flock of rescue sheep who live permanently at the Ark, but they’re too large and he’s too small for him to join them for a while yet. Ideally, Stormzy needs a friend his own age.

“The Ark are putting a call out for a companion for Stormzy, a young orphan (cade) or another abandoned lamb that could be raised alongside Stormzy as his companion and playmate before both being introduced to the Ark’s flock to live out the rest of their lives as permanent residents of the ARK Wildlife Park.

“If anyone can help please drop an email to”

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