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Final blow as travellers’ appeals to stay on Beckingham land dismissed

A Lincolnshire council will begin enforcement action after 17 appeals for travellers to remain on land off the A17 were rejected. Each appeal sought permission to retain a plot of land near Beckingham for travellers’ use, comprising pitches for static and touring caravans, an amenity block, and parking.

However, an independent planning inspector ruled on Tuesday, September 26, that the proposals were in an inappropriate location and would be harmful to public safety and the environment. In her ruling, she said the proposed pitches were poorly designed and would cause harm specifically to local features and biodiversity.

She added that the area would be subject to noise. Though she did consider the personal circumstances of the occupants, they did not outweigh the risks to the area.

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The appeals were rejected by North Kesteven District Council back in 2022 after the authority received more than 200 objections. The encampment reportedly intimidated some residents in the village, though Beckingham was divided on whether it should be allowed.

Council leader Richard Wright said of the ruling: “We are pleased that our position has been supported by the independent Inspector in dismissing these appeals. As a council, we recognise our role and statutory duty to make provision for travellers.

“However, this must be done in a manner that conforms with national and local policy. In this case, the proposals did not meet those strict requirements and were resisted on sound and robust planning grounds.”

The council has said the enforcement action against the land will be recommencing.

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