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Fantasy Island to change parking provider as customers complain of unnecessary fines

A popular theme park on the Lincolnshire coast will change its parking provider after customers said it needed to be “simpler and clearer”. Fantasy Island, in Skegness, will be swapping to ParkingEye in an effort to improve parking for attendees.

Customers have said on social media that they often received “unnecessary” fines and were frustrated at repeatedly challenging them. In a statement, a spokesperson for Fantasy Island said: “Your feedback really matters to us and we heard you say that our parking system needed to be simpler and clearer.

“That’s why we are teaming up with Parkingeye to implement their Evology Pay system, which is widely used throughout the UK.” The new system will automatically scan vehicles’ registration plates and “clearly display” the parking fee to drivers as they leave.

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They added: “We want to take the stress out of your day because Fantasy Island is all about having fun. Now you can go straight into the park on arrival and when you leave, there is a clear way to pay before you exit.”

One driver called it “absolutely fabulous” news. She said: “I’m so sick of providing evidence of parking tickets to the Fantasy Island parking team.”

Another added: “Anything has to be better than who you had [before]. You just had to keep your tickets because you knew there’d be a parking fine by the time you got home.

“In the last two years, I went six times and got four parking tickets – even though I had paid for the day.” While the change was broadly welcomed by attendees, some seemed frustrated with the situation regardless.

One disgruntled customer said: “Never ever parking at your car park again after receiving a fine, even though we got a ticket and showed a disabled badge.” A fellow visitor said: “I paid for my parking last summer then got a £170 fine.

“I will fight it all the way and never park there again.” The situation with caravan parking at the Eastgate site will not change, a representative said.

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