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Families in Lincolnshire due to receive £299 payment – see how much will go to benefit your area

More than £75 million is being handed out to Lincolnshire families struggling with the cost of living crisis – and you can see how many are due a £299 payment this month where you live. Households on means-tested benefits will automatically get the payment by Thursday, February 22, they do not need to apply.

It is the third and final payment being paid to eligible households on means-tested benefits, adding up to £900 in total. No further payments of this kind are scheduled – although charities have urged the Government to consider more support.

In total, after the latest support package, more than £7.3 billion will have been handed out over three cost-of-living payments. Of that, £79.1m is going to Lincolnshire households, including £26.3m in £299 pay-outs due this month.

Boston is getting the biggest share of that cash – a total of £47.3m, including a final pay-out of £15.8m. One in three households in Boston will receive £299 this month (34.7%), on top of payments already received, meaning urban dwellers are more likely top receive a handout than families living anywhere else in Lincolnshire.

Find out how many people will benefit where you live by using our interactive map. Simply enter your postcode to zoom into your area.

Households could be eligible for this payment if they are in receipt of benefits including Universal Credit, Pension Credit, and older benefits such as Jobseekers Allowance and Income Support.

Mel Stride, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, said: “The economy has turned a corner, and with inflation falling we are providing millions of the most vulnerable households with another significant cash boost.”

But others have questioned how effective the payments are. Morgan Wild, Interim Director of Policy at Citizens Advice, said: “Increasingly, people coming to Citizens Advice are living on empty, unable to afford their essential costs and finding themselves in desperate situations.

“Our data shows that the cost-of-living payments do offer some respite to people, but this is short lived. Historically high energy bills, unaffordable housing and other spiralling costs are keeping people in crisis.

“The government has responded with temporary support but we need more than quick fixes. Long-term commitments are needed to raise people’s incomes and standard of living.”

The Government said it will continue to support vulnerable people with the cost of living from April by uprating benefits in line with inflation by 6.7% and maintaining the triple lock and increasing the state pension by 8.5%, among other measures.

The latest £299 payment is being rolled out from Tuesday, February 6, until February 22, as part of the Government’s support package. Though the payment might come later if you’re awarded a qualifying benefit at a later date or change the account your benefits or tax credits are paid into.

People can check the Help for Households website to see what cost-of-living schemes are available.

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