So Why Radio Advertising?….

Radio advertising is able to repeat your commercial message several times a day, throughout a week at a cost effective price. This repetition places your company or product at the front of people’s minds, an important factor when purchasing decisions are made.

Radio is….

  • Intrusive – In the car, at home or at work, you can’t switch your ears off!

  • Prestigious – Perceived as the second largest medium next to TV, radio will give you credibility with staff and customers alike.

  • Personal – Radio is considered as a “friend” people listen to friends advise.

  • Immediate – Radio can react quickly to changes in promotional requirements

  • Informational – Radio is reliable with News, Traffic, Weather and Sport reporting

  • Transportable – Radio can be taken with you while you travel

  • Value – Radio is excellent value for money and will raise your profile quicker than any other medium.

Not only do we offer standard adverts on the radio but you can also sponsor a specific show or feature for example the breakfast show, the news or the weather. We will discuss with you and create the perfect package for your requirements and produce you a high quality commercial to catch the listeners attention.

For more information and our current rates please contact our sales team on 0333 344 2526 or drop us an email to

Advertising on Massive Hits works! And it doesn’t cost as much as you may think.

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